On 18 June 2014, the body corporate was placed under administration and Sean McGuinness was appointed to act as administrator.

The appointment is for a period of 36 months, provided that in the administrator’s sole descretion, the period can be shortened or extended.

Shadow Trustees

The first shadow trustee meeting was held on the evening of 2 October 2017.

The following members were elected as shadow trustees along with respective portfolios:


Communication & PR

Petula Fortuin

Cell number: 072 516 1352



Marlies Vos

Cell number: 082 775 7145


Maintenance, Gardens, Refuse & Grounds, Communication

Maree Brink

Cell number: 082 554 3220



Marc Lunau 

Cell number: 083 311 5551


   Propell, Insurance, Maintenance

Johannes Lategan

Cell Number: 082 554 1741


   Maintenance & Special Project Roofs

Rod Matzdorff – Chairman

Cell Number: 061 522 5576


Finance, HR and IT

Shaun Slabber

Cell Number: 084 948 4649

Resident owners are welcome to put forward their names to become involved in the shadow trustees and portfolios.

Currently, there is still another position vacant on the communication portfolio.

Any owner is welcome to attend  trustee meeting.

Owners Body

The owners formed ana owners representative body and often have owner’s meetings.
These meetings are held in the manager’s office at reception and is conducted with an agenda and minutes.

The following owners attend regulary:
Rod Matzdorff – Unit 151
Marlene Arendorf – Unit 43
Samantha Sham – Unit 108
Jacqueline Kemp – Unit N 83
Deon De Wet – Units 18 & 51
Petula Fortuin – Unit S 124
Sedik Abdullah – Unit P 103
Jo-Ann & Michael Held – Unit 130
Emily Brink – Units 81 & 121
Denzel Milke – Unit F 25
Maree Brink – 20 Units
Mark Philander – Unit 93
Ivycore (PTY) LTD – Uwe Birkenstock, Prieur Van Der Merwe, Du Toit Valentine,
Michael Capendale, Christine Capendale, Edwin Capendale – Unit 82 & 93
Theodora Meselane – Unit 145
John Busch – Unit 113
TCA – Robyn Capendale – Unit 61
Nnamdi Muoka – Unit 153
James Adams – Unit I 49
Shaun Slabber – Unit 149
Johannes Lategan – 20 Units


The appointed auditors for Royal Maitland One is – Cecil Kilpin & Co, Century City, Partner: S Schonegevel


Please view the Levies for Royal Maitland One

Levy Schedule 2017

Levy Budget 2018



Please view the Insurance Schedule for Royal Maitland One here


The following documents have been made available for you to download.
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Financial Statements 2015

Financial Statements 2016

Financial Statements 2018

2016 – 2017 Budget

2017 – 2018 Budget

Meeting Minutes

The following documents have been made available for you to download.
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2016 AGM Minutes

2017 AGM Agenda

2018 AGM Notice

2018 AGM Minutes

2018 Shadow Trustees Meeting

Trustees Meeting Minutes – 25 February 2019